Election Day is just days away...

In many places, early voting is already underway with record-breaking numbers casting their ballots. We urge you to vote and encourage your community members to vote by November 3. To support you in nonpartisan efforts to “Get Out the Vote, JCPA has put together a resource page to assist you – click here to learn more.


Vote and Remind Your Friends and Family to Vote

  • Make a plan: Verify your voter registration status, find your polling location or drop box, and learn what's on your ballot. 
  • Tell your friends and family that you plan to vote. Research has shown that this simple act can increase turnout. 

Protect the Vote

  • Spread the word about nonpartisan volunteers who are ready to help if there are problems on Election Day. Call 866-OUR-VOTE or visit 866ourvote.org
  • Fight disinformation: In case of a contested ELECTION or election results are not finalized on November 3, we encourage you to be patient and support efforts for the votes to be counted.  Help reduce polarization and encourage civil discourse by sharing these key messages:   
    • Don’t Repeat: Warn people NEVER to repeat or engage hate and disinformation, even to criticize it - that just gives it more oxygen. 
    • Unity over Division: People should flood their own networks with affirmative stories of solidarity, empathy and intergroup collaboration. While others fill our news feeds with hate, they can amplify their resilience and unity in the face of hate and attacks on the democratic process. 
    • Counting votes could take time in a pandemic, and that’s a good sign. Even in the best of times, results are never final until all votes are processed and counted. And, we may not notice it but state and federal laws are used all the time to address irregularities or worse. Delay is a sign that the gears of democracy are grinding as they should.  
    • Trusted Sources: Look for trusted sources such as Election Officials or Non-Partisan organizations such as your local JCRC or faith community in the wake of the election to receive credible info about what is happening. 
    • Social media starts and pundits will “spin” and speculate to boost viewer ratings and sensationalism. This year, media reports will be filled with all kinds of guesswork about what long lines mean, or which party does better in absentee voting. No one should assume that early declarations are definitive. Every organization should help direct people to wait until there is an official result. 
    • This is not partisan. There is nothing partisan about ensuring every American can safely participate in the electoral process. This is every organization’s issue. You aren’t asking them to believe in any party or candidate, you are asking them to believe in our community and its great tradition of civic engagement, leadership and solidarity with other communities.  

Did you know? JCPA is one of nearly 70 organizations that have signed the pledge to close our offices on Election Day! Click here to lean more.

Click here to sign up for our Virtual Benefit on December 8, 7:00 PM ET.



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