JCPA Condemns Antisemitic Incidents in the Wake of Israel-Hamas Hostilities

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA), the national network hub of 125 Jewish Community Relations Councils and 16 national Jewish agencies, expresses its deep concern with the alarming rise in antisemitic incidents in the United States. We urge civic, political, and faith leaders to denounce these acts of violence and intimidation immediately and intensify efforts to combat this surge in antisemitism, hate, and bigotry.

Since the recent fighting between Israel and Hamas, there has been an increased number of violent attacks on American Jews, vandalism of Jewish institutions, and spread of antisemitic rhetoric, particularly on social media. Criticism of a particular policy or action of Israel’s government, even if harsh, may not be antisemitic. However, it is not acceptable to attack or assault people or property because they are or are perceived to be Jewish or linked to Jews, nor to call for the genocide of the Jewish people or the annihilation of Israel and its citizens.

JCPA believes that antisemitism is inextricably linked to other forms of hate and bigotry, which have risen significantly over the last few years. It is crucial that we continue to fight them together and build upon the victories, such as the enactment of the NO HATE Act, that we achieve by joining forces across our diverse communities and standing in solidarity with each other.


Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA), a network of 125 local Jewish community relations councils and 16 national Jewish agencies, advocates for a just and pluralistic America, Israel's quest for peace and security, and global human rights.

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